Students Taking Accountability for Assessment Readiness

By Caitlin Booth (@mhhsMsBooth) & Wayne Lima (@limawMHHS.) Problem: The race against the clock is a constant in the classroom when trying to balance curriculum goals and student mastery.   Setting: High School Algebra Classroom Question to be answered: How do you scaffold your classroom so that students are receiving needed support while pushing students to … Continue reading Students Taking Accountability for Assessment Readiness

Students Personalize Their Reading Diets

Post by Vanessa Cronan and Nicole Galipeau (@guiteraslibrary.)  As we entered a new school year, we identified that our students have a zone of comfort when it comes to reading choices.  We all have those students who fall into a reading rut -  either it be reading only graphic novels, books from a certain series, … Continue reading Students Personalize Their Reading Diets