Students Taking Accountability for Assessment Readiness

By Caitlin Booth (@mhhsMsBooth& Wayne Lima (@limawMHHS.)


The race against the clock is a constant in the classroom when trying to balance curriculum goals and student mastery.  

Setting: High School Algebra Classroom

Question to be answered:

How do you scaffold your classroom so that students are receiving needed support while pushing students to achieve more and allow students the opportunity to take an assessment when they are ready?

Linear Equations

ONE Proposal:

As with all classrooms, we have a variety of  learners in our classrooms, many of whom need extra one-on-one instruction in order to successfully understand content.  Obviously, this is not a realistic solution.  So we brainstormed to try to make this reality and add student ownership.

  • First we identified the learning targets for the assessment.
  • Then, we created videos with an example problem for each learning target with guided instruction on the steps to solve it.
  • Students were given a checklist with each of the learning targets listed.  
  • Students were told to identify a target with which they were still struggling.  
  • Each student was given access to the sample problem video and given practice for their identified learning target.  
  • Students worked through the practice until they felt confident with the material.  
  • Once a student felt comfortable with all the learning targets, they stated they were ready for the assessment.  
    • Obviously timing on this scenario is an issue … to address this concern students were given a window in which they had to have the assessment completed.  
  • For the advanced learners who completed the assessment early in the window, there were enrichment activities to extend learning.  



Wayne L

Wayne Lima is STEM Department Chair, math teacher and Digital Learning Coach at Mt. Hope High School. You can follow him at @limawMHHS.


Caitlin Booth is a math teacher and Digital Learning Coaches at Mt. Hope High School. You can follow her at @mhhsMsBooth.

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