Differentiated Instruction in Math Workshop with FlipGrid

By Susan Castigliego (@SusanCast7)

Brief description of my rotation model:

Students in my class have been doing a three station rotation in math workshop from the beginning of the year.  The three stations include a core teacher directed station, a digital instruction station, and an independent station. Each station would go for 15-20 minutes. This year, the digital station work would either be on iReady, Flipgrid, or Formative.

Over the past month, I have been using Flipgrid as an additional fourth intervention station in this model. As I assess the flipgrids, I look for student explanations that are proficient with displayed work to support their explanation. At this point I use the  SPARKED Flipgrid featured on the student with the best explanation. This student becomes the coach for the struggling students in the intervention station later in the week. I call my SPARKED students coaches. The coach gets their own grid with their explanation video as the learning target and students get to listen to the coaches video and strengthen their original response toward proficiency.

Check out the video here as I explain the lesson workflow. (Must be in BWRSD domain to view.)


Susan Castigliego

Susan Castigliego is a Grade 3 teacher and Digital Learning Coach at Hugh Cole Elementary School. You can follow her at @SusanCast7.

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