Blogging: a way for students to collaboratively engage in real world experiences

By Christine Bean Kotuby (@mhhsmsbean)

CK Blog PicWhy Blog?

Blogging provides students with a way to amplify their voice in topics that interests them.

Implementing Blogging in the Classroom:

In my high school science classes, students have a separate google classroom that they use as a hub to communicate with each other in a safe, respectful manner.  Being able to read and express themselves in a digital environment is an essential piece of digital citizenship. The hope for the blog is to be a place where students can authentically discuss current events/topics that they believe are relevant and interesting without the restrictions and demands of a formal essay.  Each student is assigned a day that they are asked to create one original comment/post to the blog.

CK Blog Pic 2

Assignment Outline

  • The post requirements include introducing a new topic of interest, explaining the connection to our class, and to pose an issue for question or discussion.  
    • Many students enjoy embedding images and videos to enhance their presentation.  
  • Three other times throughout the quarter students are asked to comment on classmate’s material presented and are encouraged to bring a new perspective to the discussion.  

CK Blog Pic 3Outcomes

In this learner driven experience, students are the driver and their work is reflective of their interests.  Students learn that they are each other’s best teachers. The blog has become a place where students express their ideas and share resources beyond the blog requirements.  To extend this idea into a leaner connected personalized experience in the future, the work will be shared with an audience outside of the classroom walls


Student testimonials

“The blog connects our current classroom learning to life events in the real world.”  

– Grace Moclair ‘18

Each blog post gives me a deeper understanding of what is going on in this class. It helps to me relate what we are leaning in class to the real world, and it allows me to feel connected with society by now knowing what I can do to help some of these real world problems. I love the blog!”

– MacKenzie Boucher ‘17



Christine Bean Kotuby is a science teacher and Digital Learning Coach at Mt. Hope High School. You can follow her at @mhhsmsbean.

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