Flipgrid in Math Workshop

By Stephanie Pedro (@StephPedro007)

Flipgrid has provided students with opportunities to share their thinking while problem solving.  This tool has also allowed students to use high order thinking strategies to demonstrate learning of new skills and vocabulary.  

SP Post 1


CCSS requires fourth graders to add and subtract fractions with common denominators using area models and number lines.  When given a problem to show on FlipGrid, students explained their thinking clearly using the appropriate math vocabulary.

Example Post

SP Post 3


SP Post 4


Flipgrid provided an engaging, learner driven station rotation during math workshop for students to independently assess their own learning and understanding of a new topic.  Students took responsibility for their learning, especially once they realized it was going to be published for others to see. This allowed the opportunity for student self-reflection while I, as the educator, was able to collect valuable data and work samples to support teaching and learning.




Stephanie Pedro is a Grade 4 teacher and a Digital Learning Coach at Hugh Cole Elementary School. You can follow her @StephPedro007.

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