Screencasting and Self Reflection with Student Writing

By Amanda Donovan (@adonovan88)


Students need to revise their own writing and reflect on their progress throughout the unit.


Grade 3 students in Writing Workshop

As part of Bristol Warren Regional School District’s Assessment Literacy Initiative, students regularly engage in self reflection of their work.  Students will often look at exemplar writing and determine where they are based on their grade level standard. Even though this was a common classroom practice, my students were sick of completing a handout with questions as a reflection.

Google Classroom


I decided to use Screencastify and Google Classroom to make this process more engaging. Students complete their writing on a Google Doc. When finished, the class used Screencastify and some prompting questions to read their piece out loud and reflect. Students talked about what they did well in their writing as well as what they could improve upon.

When students read their writing out loud, I found that they were able to  correct their own mistakes. Students were able to use their voice to celebrate their success and determine what they would want to improve. This was a powerful process. The videos automatically save in their Google Drive, which made an easy workflow. Prior to our next writing assignment, students reviewed their videos. This fostered the students to keep their goals in mind while beginning a new piece.

Screencastify Reflection Post

The best part about Screencastify is that it can be used with any content area or assignment. Students have a chance to share their thinking without feeling stressed to critique their own work in front of an entire class.


Reflection Prompting Questions: Students used this handout as a guide to reflect and answer questions about their own work.

Screencastify Video: Student reads and revises their piece.




Amanda Donovan is a Grade 3 Teacher and a Digital Learning Coach at Hugh Cole Elementary School. You can follow her @adonovan88.



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