Digital Literacy & Citizenship: Hugh Cole School Project

By Susan Castigliego (@SusanCast7)

During the winter, I facilitated a school wide project that integrates technology with our core curriculum. I took this on as an initiative to build our community at Hugh Cole and it is something I did for the students to help with digital literacy and digital citizenship.

This is how it worked.  I asked participating teachers to read the story “The Gingerbread Man Gets Lost in School” to their class, but had them stop at the part when he escapes.

This is where the fun began.

Each grade made a plan/journey for the gingerbread man.

  • PreK-Kindergarten created a Flipgrid and explained where they would like the gingerbread man to go and why.
  • Grade 1 created a seesaw story about where they would like him to go.
  • Grade 2 practiced how to give feedback and responded to the Kindergarten class on their flipgrid.
  • Grade 3 created a green screen telecast about the gingerbread man and his escape on touchcast and wrote scripts for the morning announcements.
  • Grade 4 learned how to use google maps and went on a hunt for him guessing/suggesting where he might be.  Then they sent a screenshot with a chatterpix of him to Grade 3 to report on.
  • Grade 5 did the same as grade 4 but used google earth.


  • SC Post Pic 3

SC Post Pic 5.jpg

SC Post Pic 4

SC post pic 2

Upon completion of this project, the students and staff at Hugh Cole School were able to view the Padlet and share with their families. It was nice to bring the school together on this project.  I started this project with the thought that I would like to gather all levels of specific interests of different learners using technology. It introduced the younger students to digital citizenship and reinforced it with the older students. We had a lot of fun throughout this project with morning announcements. Students were always on the lookout for the Gingerbread Man.

My takeaways from doing this project was that all students grades K-5 loved being introduced to using the new educational tech programs I integrated on the padlet. They were eager to do more. I feel this project lended itself to personalized learning in the way it connected the students in the entire school at different ability levels and involved the entire parent community as well. It also was fun to see that it helped so many students interact with others on Flipgrid.


Susan Castigliego

Susan Castigliego is a Grade 3 teacher and Digital Learning Coach at Hugh Cole Elementary School. You can follow her at @SusanCast7.

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