Reflecting on Writing Using Seesaw

By Renee MacDougall and Kelly Brum This year we started to feel like we, the teachers, were doing all the heavy lifting during our writing conferences with students. So when it was time to begin a new unit on opinion writing, we decided to try to shift more of the responsibility to our students. (making … Continue reading Reflecting on Writing Using Seesaw

Personalizing Instruction in the K Classroom

By Kelly Servant (@servantk1) Using Seesaw in the classroom has helped students, their families and myself to easily look at students' growth over time.  Students are able to choose work that they are proud of (wow work) to put into their portfolio. As the year progresses, the students and their families are able see how … Continue reading Personalizing Instruction in the K Classroom

Communicating with Colleagues – Seesaw Style

By Vanessa Cronan, Nicole Galipeau, Jessica O'Neill, Laura Berard & Sarah Thurber Problem:  How can we find an efficient way to communicate with our colleagues examples of students’ digital learning? From teachers sharing videos of student success, to students using technology to showcase and celebrate learning moments, technology within the classroom setting can take on … Continue reading Communicating with Colleagues – Seesaw Style