Communicating with Colleagues – Seesaw Style

By Vanessa Cronan, Nicole Galipeau, Jessica O’Neill, Laura Berard & Sarah Thurber

Problem:  How can we find an efficient way to communicate with our colleagues examples of students’ digital learning?

From teachers sharing videos of student success, to students using technology to showcase and celebrate learning moments, technology within the classroom setting can take on different forms. As digital learning team members, we needed to find a platform to communicate the great work being done within our school building throughout the day.

We thought the best way to get our colleagues “hooked” on this idea was to put ourselves into the student role. We decided to have our colleagues become familiar with the concept of a digital learning journal.   Our school district has a subscription to Seesaw for Schools so it made sense to use that website as our digital learning journal.

To get the ball rolling, we set up a Seesaw Class for our “Guiteras Gazette”.  Instead of setting up student names, we used categories for our colleagues to organize their posts.  Our reasoning for using categories instead of teacher names was to encourage teachers to feel that they could take a risk to post without fear of evaluation, criticism, or competition.  In the beginning of the year, our administration provided us with categories to showcase and celebrate the learning in our schools.

Solution:  Seesaw allowed our colleagues a quick and easy way to share and celebrate students’ digital learning.

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Using Seesaw as an avenue for asynchronous communication between colleagues allowed us to be efficient with our time. Seesaw provided our colleagues a one-click experience to glimpse into each of our rooms to see students’ digital learning.  They could post, comment, or click a quick “like” to share and show digital learning within our building.

The following are the categories that are listed on our Seesaw Class instead of teachers’ names:

  • Evidence of College and Career Readiness
  • Evidence of Opportunities to Build the Whole Child
  • Evidence of Sense of Belonging
  • Evidence of the Importance of the Showcase of Awesomeness

Examples of posts from each grade level:

Kindergaten Example

First Grade Example

Second Grade Example

Third Grade Example

Fourth Grade Example

Fifth Grade Example

Cross-Grade Example


Vanessa Cronan Headshot




Vanessa Cronan is a Grade 4 Teacher at Guiteras Elementary School. 

Nicole Galipeau Headshot




Nicole Galipeau is the Teacher-Librarian at Guiteras Elementary School.  You can follow her at  @guiteraslibrary.

Screenshot 2018-05-22 at 3.28.45 PM




Jessica O’Neill is a Kindergarten teacher and Digital Learning R & D Team member at Guiteras Elementary School.





Laura Berard is an ELL teacher K-5 and Digital Learning R & D Team member at Guiteras Elementary School.

Sarah Thurber is a speech therapist and Digital Learning R & D Team member at Guiteras Elementary School.

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