Personalizing Instruction in the K Classroom

By Kelly Servant (@servantk1)

Using Seesaw in the classroom has helped students, their families and myself to easily look at students’ growth over time.  Students are able to choose work that they are proud of (wow work) to put into their portfolio. As the year progresses, the students and their families are able see how they’ve improved.  

For example, there was a noticeable change in the writing that CD did in October vs. the writing he did in March.  In October, he was at the beginning stages of writing. Now he can see how his writing has improved. When he and I looked at these two pieces together he was very proud of himself.  He was excited that he was able to read his March piece. He could not only see how he had improved from one piece to the other he could look at the March piece and reflect on how he can still improve his writing.

Writing Sample (October)

Writing Sample (March)

Another use for SeeSaw is documentation for the RTI (Response to Intervention) process. As part of students RTI intervention we did PALS (Peer Assisted Learning Strategies) daily.  I would take a picture of the lesson and mark it showing what she needed to work on. (Example here) Her mom would see the post and go over the lesson again at home. When we met for RTI I was able to quickly pull up what we had worked on. We could then look at the data and decide what the next intervention would be which helps us provide more targeted, personalized instruction for that student.



Kelly Servant is a Kindergarten Teacher at Hugh Cole Elementary School


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