Digital Learning Resource Updates: Adobe Spark, SeeSaw for Schools, “New” Google Sites

BY TOM DRISCOLL (@Mr_Driscoll – Digital Learning Director @BWRSD)

Adobe Spark for Education Now Available Grades 3-12


Our district has recently upgraded all teachers and students (grades 3-12) to Adobe Spark for Education.  This product is offered free to school districts and provides educators and students with access to premium media content and added layers of protection regarding data and privacy. Adobe Spark is a versatile multimedia creation platform that includes sections designed to create Posts (images/graphics), Pages (web page), and Video Stories.  Here is a gallery of educator and student projects created with Spark.

Staff and students can access Adobe Spark for Edu through Clever and logging in via “Enterprise” (not through the Google login icon.)  Check out the quick tutorial below created by KMS’s Jen Saarinen demonstrating how to login to Adobe Spark for Edu (thanks Jen!).

Adobe Spark Login Tutorial

SeeSaw for Schools K-5

seesaw-script-icon-comboWe are currently in year 2 of SeeSaw for Schools and teachers across our elementary schools are leveraging that platform in amazing ways! (See examples here) The primary reasons teachers use this platform fall into a few categories:

  1. Creative and visual ways for students to explain their thinking and learning progress.
  2. Streamlined way for teachers to distribute resources and models of strong student work.
  3. Effective tools for teachers to provide targeted feedback through both text and audio.
  4. Enhanced communications with families as they can see their student’s learning artifacts, thoughts and questions.

Since the start of the school year at Hugh Cole alone, families have viewed their student’s work over 33,000 times!

Over the next couple months, our district will coordinate professional learning opportunities for all K-2 staff devoted to enhancing learning via the SeeSaw platform.  This will be conducted through ½ day sessions (subs will be provided) and will be tailored to educators’ skill level with the tool and instructional goals for the classroom. Rockwell has already completed this initial session, a schedule for Colt Andrews, Guiteras and Hugh Cole will be created and shared out soon.

If any grade 3-5 teachers would like a similar opportunity to dive into the SeeSaw for Schools platform, please reach out and we can coordinate a professional learning experience for you and your colleagues as well.

Everyone can also check out the SeeSaw for Schools resource page and explore the “activity library” that includes lesson ideas across all grade levels and content areas.

SeeSaw Activity Library.gif


New Google Sites


In 2016, Google made significant improvements to the Google Sites platform. (The old version of Google Sites still exists.)  We are going to put an app icon in Clever that will send students to the new version so that any new sites they create can take advantage of the updated layout and features.  The link to the old version will remain for those who need to access older sites when needed. Although it is still live, please reinforce that students should be creating Google Sites in the new version moving forward. Here is the direct link to the New Google Sites if needed:

Here is a resource for navigating and building in the new Google Sites platform:!/


Thanks and please reach out any time if you have questions or need support leveraging these tools to amplify great teaching and learning in your classroom!

– Tom

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