Creating Student Ownership During Read to Self Time: Student Success using Flipgrid and NewsELA

By Susan Castigliego (@SusanCast7)

Skill Focus

The focus was on improving students’ reading comprehension, inferring, monitoring-clarifying, questioning, summarizing, and visualizing.

Instructional Strategy

This year, Grade 3 students at Hugh Cole Elementary School used NewsELA and FlipGrid to strengthen their reading during read to self. The goal was to help me ensure that students are indeed using independent reading time for the purpose it is meant for, and it also helps me see where students are at with their reading skills and goals at various levels.

Holding students accountable for their reading and doing check ins through Flipgrid encouraged students at all levels. Students would be able to choose the type of non -fiction article they wanted to read and had interest in and talk about what they learned and what reading strategies they used to better understand what they have read. Conferences would take place with individual students as needed.

Educational Technologies Used


Pointers for Teachers

Model First!!!! I first taught students how important it was to be held accountable for their Read to Self time. I posted an anchor chart of the reading strategies we use in class to help them as needed. I role modeled a few times with a few students on what I expected to see on Flipgrid. After a few times students were able to properly choose an article read it once or twice and then go on Flipgrid and leave a proficient response about their reading.

Impact on Learning

I am starting to see stronger responses as time goes on. We are now tying this into writing as well and teaching them how to summarize and write a summary on what they read. I feel that  I created a culture of student ownership, invested students in their own learning and ensured their independent learning time is productive.

Classroom Footage

See this strategy in action below!


Susan Castigliego

Susan Castigliego is a Grade 3 teacher and Personalized Learning Fellow at Hugh Cole Elementary School. You can follow her on Twitter @SusanCast7.

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