Improving Student Engagement through Voice and Choice

Creating a menu of blended learning opportunities that allow second grade students to focus on their unique needs and interests.

By Kelly Brum and Renee MacDougall (Grade 2 Teachers – Rockwell Elementary School)

We have been implementing a  workshop model in our second grade classrooms during our Math block for a number of years enabling us to work with small differentiated groups. After a brief focus lesson, groups of students move through three stations which include: teacher table, game station, and i-Ready station. This year we noticed a decrease in on-task behaviors during the game and i-Ready stations.

We decided to incorporate the learner driven strategy of voice and choice into these independent stations in hopes of increasing student engagement. We researched online math programs for blended learning opportunities and chose a few that aligned with the state standards and district curriculum.  After introducing the students to the new online activities we developed a menu for students to choose from during their independent stations.

Menu Samples:

Technology Used



Teacher Tips

  • Familiarize yourself with the features of the new online programs.
  • Introduce the new online programs to students as a whole class in the computer lab.
  • Use program features to monitor students’ on task performance and progress.
  • Continuously monitor the effectiveness of the programs related to student engagement.


Student achievement has increased as a result of more individualized instruction and increased engagement.  Students have become more invested during independent stations as they take on ownership of their learning.  

Strategy in Action Video

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