Reflecting on Writing Using Seesaw

By Renee MacDougall and Kelly Brum This year we started to feel like we, the teachers, were doing all the heavy lifting during our writing conferences with students. So when it was time to begin a new unit on opinion writing, we decided to try to shift more of the responsibility to our students. (making … Continue reading Reflecting on Writing Using Seesaw

Screencasting and Self Reflection with Student Writing

By Amanda Donovan (@adonovan88) Scenario Students need to revise their own writing and reflect on their progress throughout the unit. Setting Grade 3 students in Writing Workshop As part of Bristol Warren Regional School District's Assessment Literacy Initiative, students regularly engage in self reflection of their work.  Students will often look at exemplar writing and … Continue reading Screencasting and Self Reflection with Student Writing

Goal Setting with SeeSaw to Understand the Why

By Ann Corrado (@AnnCorrado) Recently, I stood in front of my class and asked the question, “Why are we doing this?” The question was much more specific to the subject, but the response was eye-opening: no one could answer me. No one raised their hand. No one shouted out a response. The silence was deafening, … Continue reading Goal Setting with SeeSaw to Understand the Why

Students Personalize Their Reading Diets

Post by Vanessa Cronan and Nicole Galipeau (@guiteraslibrary.)  As we entered a new school year, we identified that our students have a zone of comfort when it comes to reading choices.  We all have those students who fall into a reading rut -  either it be reading only graphic novels, books from a certain series, … Continue reading Students Personalize Their Reading Diets