Personalized Learning

In the Bristol Warren Regional School District, we believe that effective personalized learning tailors the instructional approach, path, and pace to the needs and interests of students, empowering them to regulate and take ownership of their learning. *BWRSD Future Ready Educational Technology Plan 

The graphic below outlines the three key components of personalized learning environments that will engage students in deeper learning opportunities and empower them to reach their full potential. 

BWRSD Personalized Learning (2)

Below is a deeper dive into each of these elements:

Learner Centered

Learning environments, including path, pace, and instructional approach, are tailored to students’ unique needs, strengths and interests.   

Personalized Pathways enable students, working within a framework of curriculum standards and high expectations, to follow a customized path that adapts based on learning progress, motivations and goals.

Learner Profiles are developed to provide teachers and families with a detailed and timely view of student achievement and help educators leverage data to enhance instruction.


Students are entrusted and expected to take ownership of their learning.

Opportunities are provided for learners to set goals, assess their own understanding, and reflect on their progress.  

Agency is fostered through voice and choice provided throughout the learning cycle, particularly when developing and communicating student understanding.  

Students and educators partner in the design of their personalized learning experience.  


Students develop meaningful connections and relationships with peers, educators, families, communities and outside networks.

Learners regularly collaborate with peers, family, and educators; advance personal opportunities through connections; and engage in real-world experiences through multiple mediums.



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