Learner Variability:  The Why of Personalized Learning

BY TOM DRISCOLL (@Mr_Driscoll – Digital Learning Director @BWRSD) Over the past few years, in several different roles, I have researched and experimented with various frameworks and approaches to Personalized Learning.  Despite the vast amount of resources out there that describe what personalized learning is and how to implement it, it is often difficult to find quality research … Continue reading Learner Variability:  The Why of Personalized Learning

Framing the Personalized Learning Discussion

BY TOM DRISCOLL (@Mr_Driscoll - Digital Learning Director @BWRSD) Although Personalized Learning has gained considerable traction in education, there is still much confusion and, at times, heated debate regarding what this set of ideas actually means and looks like in practice.  Fortunately, there has been a relative convergence of key concepts and essential components of … Continue reading Framing the Personalized Learning Discussion